Hamsty the Hamster

By The Ravens:
Sophie, Eimear, Tadgh, Paul and Fionn

Once upon a time, there was a hamster called Hamsty. One day a man called Bag Head – because he wore a lovely bag on his head – took his two daughters, Emily and Amelie, to the pet shop. They saw Hamsty and loved him so much that they bought him straight away.

At Bag Head’s house, Hamsty found a turbo Ferrari shoe. It had an engine and wheels, and so he made a steering wheel by tying the laces into a knot. 

So Hamsty took his turbo Ferrari shoe for a ride. He went into the kitchen and met Bag Head’s wife, Chicken Head (because she had a lovely roast chicken for a head). And then Grandad Rolley – who had wheels for feet – rolled into the kitchen. He liked Hamsty very much.

One day, Bag Head, Chicken Head and Grandad Rolley went out for a delicious meal at McDonald’s. They were going to be home very late, so Hamsty, Emily, and Amelie had a sleepover while they were gone.

All through the night, while the girls were sleeping, it snowed very hard. When they woke up the next morning, they saw that all the lovely Japanese countryside was covered in snow and frost. So, Hamsty had an idea!

“Why don’t we go ice-skating at the lake?” Hamsty suggested.

“Yay! Let’s go!” the girls shouted excitedly.

But! The problem was that poor Hamsty didn’t have any ice-skates of his own, because he couldn’t skate! 

“Wait a minute!” said the girls. “Why don’t you use your Ferrari shoe?”

“What a great idea!” Hamsty said.

So they all went out ice-skating for about ten minutes and then built a snowman. They called him Mr. Snow. 

Then they had a snowball fight, and Hamsty won!

While Hamsty was taking the girls home, suddenly, a storm started!

The sky suddenly got dark, and the wind howled through the trees, and Emily and Amelie got scared!

“Don’t be scared!” Hamsty squeaked, because deep down he was afraid too, but knew he had to be brave for the girls!

“What do we do?” poor Emily squealed. 

“I know!” said Hamsty. “Tie your skates to my turbo Ferrari shoe!”

“That’s crazy!” Amelie shouted, but eventually she tied her skates to the shoe.

“Trust me!” Hamsty said as he sped up his turbo Ferrari shoe and pulled the girls through the snow.

“Weeee!” they shouted. “This is fun!”

With Hamsty’s turbo Ferrari shoe leading the way, the three friends got home in no time at all!

As soon as they got home, they all went to bed. Bag Head, Chicken Head and Grandad Rolley got home while the girls were sleeping and thanked Hamsty for a job well done!

The next morning Hamsty and the girls woke up to see it was a beautiful sunny day. So they went out to play and had another wonderful day!  THE END!!!