Flying Pigs

By Alex, Gillian, Lara, Nia and Max

Once there was an evil enchantress who wanted to fly, so she made magical chocolate marshmallows that could make anyone fly.

One day, the evil enchantress ate a chocolate marshmallow and dove off the balcony of her secret lair.

She started to fall, not fly! Down, down, down she fell until at the last minute she flew off at speed.

While the evil enchantress was off flying, a very greedy farmer broke into her lair and grabbed ALL the chocolate marshmallows.

As he snuck back through the field, there was a hole in the bag and one by one the marshmallows dropped out.

The farmer’s pigs, who were following him from behind, starting eating the chocolate marshmallows and started floating into the air!

And growing wings! PIGS CAN FLY!

The very last chocolate marshmallows were eaten by two dogs, Polly and Molly.

These Yorkshire Terriers started floating into the air as well and also sprouted doggie wings. DOGS CAN FLY!

The End




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