The Delicious Trap

By The Super Story Telling Seven:
Sadie, Evelyn, Mai, Cian & Ross

One fine summer day, Donal the donut and Bubby the mischievous hamster were on their way to Candy Land. They got lost and asked a nice looking cat for directions. The cat’s name was Jingles.

“Can you please tell us the way to Candy Land,” asked Bubby with a cheeky grin.

“Follow me and I will lead the way,” replied Jingles. She was a grey Tabby with a green collar.

On the way, they saw a coffee shop with a window full of candy. Bubby and Donal stopped following Jingles to rush in excitedly.

Little did they know it was a trap set by Bob the Shape-shifter. As soon they stepped inside the coffee shop, they fell through a trap door into a dark and spooky dungeon. Out of the shadows stepped Bob transformed into a lion with a wonderful, long mane.

“Great! Two more children for my collection,” he bellowed. As he approached, he turned back into his human self.

- - - - -

Later that night, when Bob was asleep, Jingles came into the Dungeon. 

“Sorry, I was tricked. I thought my master was good. Is there anything I can do to help?” she asked them.

“Can you help us get out of here?” said Donal.

“Please take my Green Collar. It will grant you a wish each,” she replied.

Suddenly, they heard Bob coming down the stairs towards the dungeon. Jingles quickly passed the collar to Donal and then went off to hide.

There was no time to think, so Donal just shouted, “Why can’t you be good!” out at Bob.

All of a sudden Bob shifted shape into a warm and open-hearted bagel.

“That must be my wish come true!” said Donal happily, “Bubby, you still have a wish to make!”

Bubby remembered that Donal’s greatest wish was to be always covered in sprinkles, so with a cheeky grin he said “I wish it would rain sprinkles forever!”

The clouds turned into candyfloss and the rain became multi-coloured. Everything was soon covered in sprinkles. 

The Dungeon Doors opened wide and out poured all the children that were once held captive by Bob, the now delightful bagel.

“You look just like me now Bob!” says Donal. “Can donuts and bagels be friends?”

“Of course” smiled Bubby the hamster. As he reached over and began to nibble he said, “You all taste good to me.”

The End

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