Toilet Times

By Darcy, Declan, Maria, Paddy and Ruth

Once upon a time there was a toilet named Tommy. Tommy had a huge problem he needed to solve. 

He would never achieve his greatest dream if he could not flush. Tommy decided to ring his friend Plungy the plunger for help.

“I have a huge problem. A little boy dropped his Mcdonald’s burger in my mouth. How am I supposed to flush?” asked Tommy.


By Callum, Leo, Nessa, Orla and Steph

The odacova woke to the smell of ginger bread. “Where am I,” he wondered, following his trunk. He arrived at the sugar-coated house where he met a brother and sister.

“Hello, nice to meet you.”

The siblings took one look at the odacova and screamed the loudest scream a human could and ran as fast as their legs could carry them.

The Case of the Missing Twins

By Alena, Anthony, Isabelle, Mark and Nia

Casebook of Lilly Jones, Sussex, 11 December, 1905

We were eating dinner at the Eagle Bistro with our friends, David and Daisy (the twins) for Charley’s birthday. 

The twins were eating peppers and potatoes with steak on the side. The waiter, Fernando, was my parent’s friend. He was looking strangely at the twins.

Flying Pigs

By Alex, Gillian, Lara, Nia and Max

Once there was an evil enchantress who wanted to fly, so she made magical chocolate marshmallows that could make anyone fly. 

One day, the evil enchantress ate a chocolate marshmallow and dove off the balcony of her secret lair. 

She started to fall, not fly! Down, down, down she fell until at the last minute she flew off at speed.

Halia’s Great Adventures

By Orla, Leona, Clodagh, Rachel and Poppy

One morning Emma was getting dressed into her uniform. Emma was pretending to feed her doll Halia. 

When Emma had to go, her mum put Halia back in her bedroom. Halia’s friend GG came over to the bed from the dollhouse.

Halia was very upset because she didn’t have a pet and wanted a friend. Suddenly, sparkles fell from the sky and a dog and a dolphin appeared.

Hamsty the Hamster

By The Ravens:
Sophie, Eimear, Tadgh, Paul and Fionn

Once upon a time, there was a hamster called Hamsty. One day a man called Bag Head – because he wore a lovely bag on his head – took his two daughters, Emily and Amelie, to the pet shop. They saw Hamsty and loved him so much that they bought him straight away.

At Bag Head’s house, Hamsty found a turbo Ferrari shoe.

Laugh Your Pants Off with Toronto

By The Marshmallow Tribe:
Muirenn,Daisy, Sean, Enda & Ciara

Once upon a time there lived a pug named Toronto. She had two best friends, Rainbowdia, a unicorn, and Fluff, a marshmallow who thought he was a dinosaur.

In 2050, Toronto was wandering around a fire extinguisher in OurLand when two men captured her and took her to the pound.

The two men owned a St. Bernard named Robert who lived at the pound.

Harvey Norman’s to the Rescue

By The 8 A Team:
Charlie, Nivriti, Mira, Jana Lena & Liam

Poppy the Pinecone started off in a tree. She fell down, and a human kicked her right into a donut named Jumpy.

“Ow,” cried Jumpy as he turned to look at the pinecone. “Watch where you’re going!”

“I’m sorry,” said Poppy. “Somebody kicked me and that’s why I hit you.”

The Delicious Trap

By The Super Story Telling Seven:
Sadie, Evelyn, Mai, Cian & Ross

One fine summer day, Donal the donut and Bubby the mischievous hamster were on their way to Candy Land. They got lost and asked a nice looking cat for directions. The cat’s name was Jingles.

“Can you please tell us the way to Candy Land,” asked Bubby with a cheeky grin.

“Follow me and I will lead the way,” replied Jingles. She was a grey Tabby with a green collar.

The Nameless One

By Cloudy with a Chance of Stories:
Orla, Joseph, Lucy, Blake & Caoimhe

“The world faded black around me and I knew I was dying. I closed my eyes and never opened them again.” 

That was the Nameless One’s last thought in a life that he did not remember.

He woke up in a cluster of trees and glanced sideways, seeing a group of people gathered around a large ornamental fountain.