Every morning, brilliant new stories are written by primary schoolchildren.They are all stored in our library (the stories, not the children). To read the stories and see the pictures, just click on the title or read more to view stories.

We also have stories from our other locations: Cork, Galway, Mayo and Wicklow

Jojo the Unicow

​Killawalla National School, 2nd – 6th Class and Carnacon National School, 3rd – 6th class, County Mayo, 4 April 2017

Once upon a time, there was a lonely unicow called Jojo. 

Jojo was in search of a new friend. 

He lived in a field, close to a forest, in a different dimension.

JJ and the Golden Microphone

Nun’s Cross NS, 2nd Class, County Wicklow, 4th April 2017

Once upon a time there was a DJ called JJ. He was away on a trip to New York and there he met a lion.

“My name is Smarty Pants, I run around the streets of New York jumping into trash bags,” said the lion. 

“What do you eat?” said JJ. 

Attack of the Giant Snails

Pope John Paul II National School, Malahide, 3rd Class, 4th April 2017

One day Bob the Snogon was waiting in the park for his friend Jimmy the pig. 

When they were walking alongside a pond, there were a load of ladies, dancing for fun. 

Jimmy walked into a really big tree that had lots of weird animals in it.

Escape of the Gummies

St.Patrick’s National School, Castleknock, 5th class, 3rd April 2017

One day there was a sweet shop that came alive. 

All of the sweets in the sweet shop were alive and could talk and walk.

The leader of the gummy gang was named Billy the gummy bear. 

Jeff the Unicorn

5 Lamps Literary Festival, Saturday, 1st April 2017

Long, long ago, in a land far away, there lived a unicorn named Jeff.

He wanted to jump down off his cloud and eat Choco the Chocolate Bar. 

But he was too scared, because his enemy, Horsey, was down with Choco the Chocolate Bar.


​Scoil Mhuire, Monivea, Co. Galway, 4th and 5th Class, 31 March 2017

Happy the Clown lived in America with The Twinz in a rickety old house.  

Every day, Happy and The Twinz ate slugs and snails for breakfast and broccoli for lunch.

Happy was afraid to work in the circus because of the children. 

Waffle Kaboom!

St Joseph’s National School, Kinvara, Co. Galway, 2nd Class, 31 March 2017

Bob-the-Waffle-Genie lived in a waffle, sitting around playing video games, waiting for someone to say the magic word and call on him.  

(‘Time for Breakfast’ is the magic word.)

Pussums the cat jumped in the window after he smelled lovely fresh waffles.


St Mark’s School,  5th & 6th Class, County Cork, 31 March 2017

I ‘ve been here for almost seven years and this is where I feel most at home. 

When I was five years old I lost my parents in a house fire. 

Then I wondered off into the forest and met a wolf called LaLa and he brought me to his wolf-pack.

Spikey and Ginney

St. Catherine’s National School, Dublin 8, 1st Class, 30th March 2017

There was the land called Pineapple Land. Spikey the talking pineapple lived there. 

He had one best friend, called Ginney the guinea pig. Ginney lived in Guinea Pig Land. 

It was hard for Spikey and Ginney to visit each other because Pineapple Land and Guinea Pig Land were hours away from each other.