Every morning, brilliant new stories are written by primary schoolchildren.They are all stored in our library (the stories, not the children). To read the stories and see the pictures, just click on the title or read more to view stories.

We also have stories from our other locations: Cork, Galway, Mayo and Wicklow

Conquering Earth

​Kildalkey National School, Kildalkey, Co. Meath, 4th Class, 7 June 2017 

This is my crazy life. 

I’m so sad and lonely, everyone calls me Mr Nobody. I’m a big blob.

But I will show them - the world will be mine. 

Cheesingham Palace

​Ballintemple NS, 4th Class, County Cork, 02 June 2017 

Ruddy the Rapping Rat was getting ready for his exciting trip to the British Royal Family with his best friend, Freddy McMuffin. 

But the one thing he didn't know was that the Royal Family were actually mice! 

Ruddy had bought a lot of Lotto tickets and won! 

The Space Defeat

​Gaelscoil an Bhradáin Feasa, Drogheda, 5th Class, 1 June 2017 

One sunny morning there was a cat named Tony who was sunbathing with his best friend John, the shape-shifting dog. 

They were on the beach in the Bahamas. 

Little did they know that the evil genius, Pear the walking pear, was spying on them.

What’s in my closet?

​Scoil Chualann, Bray, 5th Class, County Wicklow, 31st May, 2017

Nicholas, the ghost, had never gone out before.  He was the closet ghost! 

His friend Jessica had been bullied and he was so upset because she had come home from school crying.  

That day Nicholas decided to put a stop to it! 

The Ghost’s Dream

St Peter’s National School, Dunboyne, Co. Meath, 1st & 2nd Class, 31 May 2017 

Once upon a time there was a ghost named Crystal.  She was also a superhero.  

One day, Crystal was sitting on the moon and looking down at everything below on Earth. 

She was examining the cities and looking for her family. 

Super Piggy’s Adventure

​Belgrove Infant Girls School, Clontarf, 1st Class, 30 May 2017 

Once upon a time, Super Piggy was drinking tea in his bedroom. 

He lived in a magical land called Animal Land, where absolutely anything is possible.

Just then, Killer Hen - Super Piggy’s biggest enemy - crashed through the ceiling. 

William’s Wings


Our Lady of Good Counsel Girls National School, Dún Laoghaire, 5th Class, 29 May 2017 

William the Worm was sadly burying himself in the mud. 

His best friend Bridget the Bumblebee could hear him crying.

Bridget flew down to see what was wrong.

The Mighty Pizza

Claregalway Educate Together National School, County Galway, 3rd and 4th Class,  26 May 2017

Once upon a time there was a flying cow called Timmy. 

Timmy was flying above the trees when he spotted someone who needs help. He flew down. 

Timmy saw a fox about to eat a rabbit. Timmy flicked the fox away with his horns.