Sparkle Danger: The Great Adventure of MiaowKitty

St Joseph’s National School, Longford, 4th Class, 10 October 2018

Once upon a time in Miaowtopia lived MiaowKitty the Cat. MiaowKitty found sparkles that gave her all the wishes in the world.

One day, Poppy the Puppy came to visit MiaowKitty. MiaowKitty made a wish that rainbows would come out of her tail when she flies.

Poppy the Puppy felt happy for her friend because she knew how to fly too.

Later in the afternoon, Poppy brought someone to help her fly - it was a mouse!

The problem was MiaowKitty was terrified of mice.

MiaowKitty was too afraid to tell Poppy because she didn’t want to hurt Poppy’s feelings.

Any time MiaowKitty used the sparkles, she was scared of mice.

Any time she didn’t use the sparkles, MiaowKitty wasn’t afraid and she felt normal.

Poppy knew MiaowKitty was scared but she wasn’t sure why.

Poppy asked MiaowKitty, “What’s going on? Are you scared of mice?”

MiaowKitty said “Yes, I used the sparkles to help me fly but they made me scared of mice.”

When Poppy knew for sure that MiaowKitty was scared of mice she told MiaowKitty to make a wish that took all of the things that made her scared away.

However, that didn’t work so MiaowKitty had to find another way to overcome her fear of mice …