Penelope’s Dream

St Joseph’s National School, Kilucan, Co. Westmeath, 4th Class, 8 November 2017

Penelope the Cow lived on the Blue Star Adoption Farm.

There were lots of other animals, cows, pigs, dragons, exploding chickens and unicorns.

She was always treated really well but she wanted to go explore the world. She dreamed to have wings.

Penelope tried to fly by jumping up and down, but it never worked.

She got depressed.

“Moo,” she said sadly.It started raining tacos.

Penelope’s best friend, Millie the Unicorn, flew out of the sky.

“I dreamed last night it was going to rain tacos – and it did!” said Millie.

Penelope pouted. “I wish my dreams would come true.”

“Would you like me to dream some wings for you?” asked Millie.

Just then, the evil cat Puddles ripped off Millie’s wings. She put them on her back and flew off.

“Oh no!” said Millie. “The wings were my source of power to make up stuff that doesn’t usually come true!”

“We’ve got to find those wings!” said Penelope…