Pandy’s Greatest Wish

St Vincent de Paul Girls National School, Griffith Avenue, 2nd Class, 13 November 2017

Once there was a uni-panda called Pandy. Pandy had a best friend who was called Charlie the pig.

Her greatest wish was to learn to fly.

Pandy wanted to learn to fly because she went to school with a lot of birds.

They started to tease Pandy and Charlie because they couldn’t fly.

Pandy and Charlie met up to chat about what they were going to do to learn how to fly.

Pandy was really afraid of the ghost in her room but thought that maybe it could help them learn to fly.

Charlie said, “I’ll go into the room with my mom’s leaf blower in case the ghost tries to hurt us.”

“I’m too scared to go in with you,” said Pandy.  “I’ll stand outside the door with a leaf blower too.”

“Please, will you come with me? I’m too scared to go by myself!” asked Charlie.

“Fine,” said Pandy.

The two went into the room together with their leaf blowers.

“Please Mr Ghost, will you help us learn to fly?” they asked in a scared tone.