One Wild Dog Chase

Our Lady Immaculate Junior National School, Darndale, 2nd Class, 9 November 2017

Once there was a dog called Cece. She had an owner called Timmy, who was a ninja.

Timmy loved to eat grapes and he shared them with Cece.

Even though Cece loved Timmy, she got scared of a thunderstorm one day and ran away.

The next day, Timmy searched everywhere but he couldn’t find Cece.

“Cece, Cece!!” called Timmy, as he looked for his dog.

Timmy’s ninja friends also helped him to look for Cece and Timmy put up posters of Cece around town.

Meanwhile, it had started to rain and Cece was getting more scared.

She didn’t know where she was and water was her greatest fear!

The next day, Cece got stuck in a moat by jumping too high.

She landed on the patch of land inside the moat.

One of Timmy’s ninja friends, Kai, saw Cece inside the moat.

Cece couldn’t see Kai, but she did see another ninja called Bread.

Cece thought Bread was good and might help her but really he was an evil ninja.

Kai saw the evil ninja Bread and went to tell Timmy about it…