Gangs of The Couches

St.Declan’s National School, Ashbourne, 5th Class, Wednesday 25th April 2018

Once upon a time, there was a pickle called Bob. He was born in a jar in Tesco.

A woman picked up two jars and bought them. Also, in her trolley, were a bag of carrots, Sundried Tomatoes and a tin of beans.

The woman brought them home and put them in the cupboard.

She was addicted to pickles and already had loads at home.

One day, Bob escaped out of the jar and went underneath the couch.

To his surprise, there were already 499 pickles under the couch.

In fact, they had started a Pickle Village.

There was a Pickles School, a Pickle Park and even a lake of ketchup.

Meanwhile, the woman opened the can of beans and tried to eat them.

​Scrattodozo the Evil Bean got caught in her throat.

She spat out the Evil Bean and he flew over the kitchen, under the couch and into the ketchup lake beside pickle village.

While the Evil Bean was coming out of the lake, the woman was searching for her credit card to buy more pickles.

She went to look underneath the couch and heard what she thought was a micro disco going on…