Breadman vs. Gingerbread Man

Our Lady Immaculate Senior National School, Darndale, 3rd Class, 30 April 2018

Chocolate Spread, the President of Bread, lived in the White Chocolate House.

The paint was made out of white chocolate and the ceilings were made out of pancakes.

One day, the doorbell rang and it was Breadman.

Breadman wore bread clothes and a cape with a giant “B” printed on it.

Breadman was super tough because he had bread powers, including the ability to shoot bread from his hands.

He acted like he was always ready for action (when he wasn’t really).

Inside, Breadman was always scared.

“Bread and chocolate is exploding in the sky!” Breadman said. “So I rushed as fast as I could to tell you!”

Chocolate Spread decided to send his Bread Minions to discover the source of where the bread was shooting from…