The Work

Fighting Words is a creative writing centre established by Roddy Doyle and Sean Love.

Inspired by 826 National in the United States, Fighting Words is located on Behan Square, Russell Street, Dublin 1 - very close to Croke Park.

Our Videos

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News Headlines

If Carlsberg did gobshites, they'd probably be Ronan Mullen
Research confirms personal hygiene is not really a priority in Co. Monaghan
Gerry Adams denies ever having been a member of the royal family
Cutbacks in Heaven mean fewer canonisations with already overworked saints having to put in an extra shift praying for us every week
Wife finds 15 years worth of husband's toenail clippings in her wardrobe
Ulster championship off to great start with only 9 players sent off in Armagh training session
Bankers sooooooooo sorry they made a total arse of everything, but just can't for the life of them think of any way of making amends
In an unexpected development Catholic Church becomes latest multinational to back Yes vote
Dunphy says Messi is right up there with the greats - AP McCoy, Henry Shefflin, Arkle, Michael Collins, Napoleon, Mr.Spock….